Faculty FAQs

How can I access the evaluation?

To access your evaluations, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your email inbox for a message from the Quality Assurance Department. The email will contain a link to the evaluation platform.
  2. Click on the link in the email to access the evaluation platform.
  3. Log in to the platform using your Alfaisal University credentials.
  4. Once you have logged in, you should see a list of your courses and associated evaluations.
  5. Click on the evaluation you would like to complete and follow the instructions provided.

My major and some of my courses are not showing up. How can I fix this issue?

Please send us a screenshot of the issue with the details to qualityassurance@alfaisal.edu, and the QAA team can further assist in this matter.

My course and instructor are not being selected automatically. How can I resolve this issue?

If your course and instructor are not being selected automatically, please give the system a moment to automatically update. If the system does not automatically upload the information, please contact the QAA team at qualityassurance@alfaisal.edu.

Can I change my responses after submitting an evaluation?

After submitting the evaluation responses cannot be changed. If an error has been made in submitting the evaluation, please contact the QAA team at qualityassurance@alfaisal.edu with the course and instructor name to note the error.

When will my hold be removed after completing the evaluation?

Your hold will be removed within 24 hours after completing evaluations.

It has been over 24 hours and my hold hasn't been removed. Can you please remove the hold?

Please make sure all your course evaluations have been completed. If you have completed all evaluations and the hold still has not been removed within 24 hours, please contact the QAA team at qualityassurance@alfaisal.edu

What should I do if I have technical issues while completing an evaluation?

If you are experiencing technical issues while completing the evaluation, please contact the QAA team at qualityassurance@alfaisal.edu with your concerns.

Will my instructors know who submitted evaluations or what I wrote in them?

No, your instructors will not know who submitted evaluations or what specific comments were made by individual students. Course evaluations are designed to be confidential and anonymous. The collected feedback is aggregated and anonymized, ensuring that your identity remains protected while still allowing the university to gain valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Why is it important for me to complete course evaluations, and how does my voice impact my educational experience?

Participating in the evaluation process allows you to voice your opinions and influence positive change within the university. By providing honest and constructive feedback, you help the university identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in courses, teaching methods, and curriculum. This ongoing process of evaluation and refinement ensures that the university continually adapts to meet the evolving needs of its students, enhancing your overall educational experience.

How are evaluation results used by the university?

Evaluation results serve as a valuable tool for the university to assess various aspects of its academic offerings. The feedback gathered from evaluations is utilized to gauge instructor performance, course content effectiveness, and the overall quality of teaching. These insights facilitate the identification of best practices and areas requiring improvement, ensuring continuous enhancement of the educational experience for students. Furthermore, the results contribute to shaping faculty development programs, making informed decisions about curriculum revisions, adopting innovative teaching methodologies, and allocating resources efficiently.