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Improve your teaching skills with our interactive workshops and seminars. Accessible to all faculty, our sessions cover the latest research on teaching and learning, innovative teaching methods, evidence-based strategies, and offer opportunities for lively discussion with colleagues from various disciplines. Join engaging and introspective learning opportunities to share your knowledge and learn from others. Topics vary each semester, so check our event calendar for upcoming workshops and seminars. Access past workshop materials with your Alfaisal University credentials. Grow as an educator and stay informed!

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Writing Measurable Learning Objectives

  • Describe the 3 taxonomies of educational objectives
  • Differentiate between Course goals and learning objectives
  • Write learning objectives.
  • Map Learning objectives to Course Goals.

Designing Assessments

  • Describe the role of formative and summative assessment in learning.
  • Explain why assessments should be aligned to learning objectives, teaching practices and assessment.
  • Evaluate different types of assessment activities to find those that are aligned best with the learner’s abilities and level of understanding to be assessed.
  • Develop aligned assessment activities to provide evidence of learning to both the instructor and learner.


Designing Rubrics

  • Discuss the benefits of using rubrics
  • Identify situations in which rubrics are useful
  • Explain the main characteristics of effective rubrics.
  • Discuss examples of good and bad rubric designs
  • Describe several types of rubrics
  • Design a rubric  

Curriculum Mapping

  • Define curriculum mapping.
  • Describe the purposes of curriculum mapping.
  • Identify potential steps and considerations for the curriculum mapping process.
  • Create or contribute to a curriculum map to inform curriculum revision or program assessment.

Active Teaching and Learning

  • Define active learning.
  • Apply the general principles of active leaning within your course.
  • Identify active learning techniques and use them in your class.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of active learning techniques.

Transparency in Learning and Teaching

  • Discuss the concept of transparent teaching and learning.
  • Recognize the benefits of transparent teaching.
  • Apply the Transparency Framework to the design of your own class activities and assignments

Past Workshops




Backward Design

  • Distinguish Between the Traditional and Backward Design
  • Explain the Benefits of the Backward Design
  • Identify the 3 Steps of the Backward Design Process
  • Use the Backward Design Template


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Blooms Taxonomy


Writing Measurable Learning Objectives: Link to Slides
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ChatGPT, Cheating, and the Future of Education in the Age of AI:    Link to Slides
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ChatGPT, Cheating, and the Future of Education in the Age of AI

Dr. Necati Aydin

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